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Lavethan, Cornwall

Lavethan Manor, Blisland, Cornwall is an ancient site which was mentioned in the Domesday Book and there may well have been an earlier settlement. We stumbled across this ancient place as it opened to the public for a Cornwall Wildlife Group, not knowing anything about the two holy wells and Celtic crosses situated here.

Wandering through the bluebell and primrose woodland we visited the first holy well perched in a verdant shallow valley overlooking a recently restored lily pond. The well house looks medieval. Blanket weed was blocking the flow. I gently loosened it and immediately the fresh water gushed rapidly. It’s a beautiful location in the natural, yet as we settled to pray an intense presence of God descended. The temperature also rose noticeably by several degrees. We just lingered enjoying the peace. I sensed it had been a place of deliverance in the past and I felt the Holy Spirit whispering that ‘the hidden prayers are still heard and that faith never returns void or empty.’ I became aware of a yellow clad angel who was full of joy and laughter.

Lavethan holy well
Lavethan well

I’ve not been able to find much information about the site except a throw away comment that it was a medieval pilgrimage route for pilgrims crossing Cornwall to the south coast and also those on pilgrimage to Compostella de Santiago in Spain. It reminded me of St James’ Well at St Mawgan which was on the same pilgrimage route.

We then went up to the other holy well a little further up the hill. This had been made into a Victorian grotto but was originally a holy well. It is now dry and albeit in a lovely setting with beautiful old step paths leading to it, marked by a cross, it felt dark though. We didn’t linger.

Lavethan holy well 2
Celtic cross lavethan