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St Swithin’s Well

Launcells Holy Well, Cornwall

Launcells is a tiny hamlet outside of Bude in Cornwall, UK. It’s hidden down narrow lanes but is distinguished by an ancient, rather austere church. The setting is glorious nestling beside a stream with a delightful pond. In spring daffodils, primroses, daisies and cherry blossom fill the churchyard. However, I found the spiritual atmosphere in the church was severe and I didn’t want to linger at all.

Launcells pool church

Tucked away by the stream just a few strides from the churchyard is St Swithin’s holy well. The well house is intact and it’s cared for. There were cloutie attached to the railing but nevertheless it was easy to pray here. The original dedication was to St Andrew but this was changed at some point. Launcells suggests ‘lan’ a holy place of a person whose name added the suffix ‘cells’. 

St swithans holy well launcells


At the well in a vision I saw a shaft of light coming down from heaven. A man is by the well handing out cups of water. Everything about him exudes kindness and he is listening attentively to people. He appears very compassionate.I watch him take someone’s diseased hands and examine them. I sense the man has leprosy but the kind man is still touching him. I sense he is healed. 



I can now see two red angels attending the well. I’ve rarely seen red angels, although one is depicted by the altar at the nearby Marhamchurch dedicated to St Morwenna. The angels are protecting the man but also represent the finished work of the cross and the blood of Jesus. This Christian whilst immeasurably kind holds a fiercesome authority in the Spirit. He is a mighty warrior, fierce against demons and has even battled evil druids who come against him.

St swithans Launcells

One of the red angels is still guarding the well today. He beckons to us calling us to draw near. As we stand with our back to the wellhouse the angel enfolds us in its wings and imbues us with fresh power. A sweet fragrance suddenly fills the air which isn’t caused by flowers. We didn’t have to do anything at this well, just receive from God.

St swithans launcells