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Jesus Well

Jesus Well, St Minver

We came across this well rather unexpectedly as we scanned the OS map of north Cornwall and suddenly spotted a placed marked Jesus Well, in the middle of St Enodoc golf course. Reading up about it we realised we needed to visit. 

Interestingly this is the only holy well I know of in Cornwall dedicated to Jesus Christ and not to a saint. The story behind the name is intriguing though impossible to corroborate. The story goes that Joseph of Arimathea came to the UK, landing at Looe Island off the Cornish coast before heading to Glastonbury. He also visited the tin areas of Cornwall as he was a tin trader, hence his association with this area. It's said Jesus came to this well hence the name. Hagiography is a mix of history and legend not able to be proven but nevertheless I wanted to see what God might do at such a place. I wasn't disappointed. 

We walked to the well along a back road from Rock to the golf course and then a footpath. There's a helpful sign instructing to follow the white stones as waymarkers to the well. This is helpful to avoid being hit by golf balls too.

Jesus well directions

Today the well is enclosed by a low wall and the well house has been restored to good condition. It originally stood near a medieval chapel and was probably the site of a Celtic Christian's hermitage. St Enodoc's church is a half mile away in the sand dunes where he had his hermitage in a cave but he is also associated with Jesus Well as a place where he baptised his converts. Enodoc was a Welsh saint but very little is known about him. There are stories of miracles occurring at the Jesus well and it was widely known for healing properties. 

Quiller-Couch (1894) tells us in his book on holy wells that:

“People came from long distances to pay their devotions and use the waters, which were celebrated for many cures, and for the evils which befell scoffing unbelievers. Its virtues continued till late years. No longer ago than 1867, Mary Cranwell….who for a considerable period had suffered severely from erysipelas, and could obtain no relief from medical treatment, fully believing, as she stated to the author, from the repute of the well, that if she bathed in the water with faith she would be cured of her disease, went to the place, and kneeling beside the well recited the Litany to the Holy Name of Jesus, and bathed the diseased parts in the waters. She received relief from the first application; and repeating it the prescribed number of three times, at intervals, she became perfectly whole, and has never since suffered from the same malady.”

When we arrived at the well we entered the small enclosure and settled on the grassy bank against the wall. There was an immediate peace which settled over us and a deep hush despite it being windy and there being golfers about talking. 

Jesus well rock

As we prayed I saw a vision where a blue mist was dancing around the well, spiralling up fast then slowing falling back before spinning around, rising and then falling. I couldn't see their form but I sensed it was the presence of angels. We felt the deep rest that permeates this spot and restores weary hearts and soul wounds. After a while I realised I was seeing a huge golden angel, about four times the height of the well house. Hanging from his waist is a large golden key about two foot long. I 'hear' the Holy Spirit whisper, 'It's 'The Key for Cornwall'. He will give it to you unlock ancient doors.' 

Jesus well rock

I don't rush to do anything as I'm not sure initially what this means. The angel himself is ignoring us, continuing to be on duty. The Holy Spirit continues, 'Ask and it will be given to you to use.' So by faith we ask for the key and for wisdom with what to do for it. The angel turns, hands us the key, whilst still keeping it attached to his rope waist.

Together my husband and I by faith take the key and turn it in a lock clockwise to unlock the bolt to Hephzibah Beulah, our own calling. I immediately saw a door open and angels flooding out. Then we unlocked another lock and I saw the liquid river of golden glory which so many have seen under the land of Cornwall and it was being released. Finally we unlocked a third lock in the Spirit and I could hear a rhythmic drumming and knew that this was the door to the anointing of the Wesleyan revival in Cornwall and that in the Spirit there is a rising up of the saints for salvations and revival. As we are so often led to do we sang, Spring up Oh Well, from Number 21:17. Angels were dancing all around the enclosure.

The encounter with the angel ended and we stayed pondering what had just happened and knowing that it had been a holy encounter, a precious moment with God.

Jesus well inside

It's a beautiful place to pray, to meet with God, to be expectant of His Spirit to meet with you. Everyone will encounter God uniquely, as He interacts with us all uniquely, however, where Christians have prayed for many years devoutly, there is an ease of meeting with God one to one. I encourage you to visit with faith in your heart.