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Hephzibah Wells

Hephzibah: Ancient and New Spiritual Wells.


Prophetic revelation often comes during times of unhurried worship of Jesus. The following one regarding Hephzibah House of Prayer came in such a way. This was a vision encounter with some prophetic outworking.

I see Father blowing over Hephzibah and a mighty wind covers the house.  There’s faith in it and I sense expectation.

I see a lot of dust being blown away that has gathered on the roof.  The roof is now gleaming gold and angels are gathering at the back door in the garden. They are coming down the steps from the fields behind.

I see something rising, pushing up on the patio. It’s gold, like what I saw when at St Kevin’s Cell, Glendalough in Ireland.  It’s like a crystal growing but it’s from God.

The angels are circled around what is rising.  It’s an uncapped well. It’s like a huge golden diamond and some parts are clear.  I watch a figure above it is releasing fire on the crystal which is about 20’ high, though it’s not easy to gauge it’s size. Fire is blown on it and I hear it crack.

It is suddenly spinning in response to a rhythm clockwise, very very fast. It grows and grows and grows and rises and rises and I sense huge pressure behind it and sense this crystal has been God’s plug which He’s now taking out, unstopping something.

Suddenly the pressure erupts, and the plug shoots up to heaven. The angels are very busy scooping the golden honey oil now pouring out of the ground. It’s thick and oozy but spreading.  I see the angels eating it and it strengthens them. As they do, they grow huge and magnificent. I sense there are 8 or 9 of them.

I then see them with what looks like a mobile trampoline cloth. They are holding it taught with cords and there is something in the middle which looks like a huge solidified lump of golden honey. As they stretch the material it shoots off into orbit.  They begin to shoot this out in all directions.  I sense they are weapons to demolish enemy strongholds in the region.  So, I see one launched into Eden, one into St Austell Bay, one into Prideaux woods/lakes and a huge one into Holy Trinity St Austell. It crashes through the roof. As it lands a huge amount of light, dazzling brightness pours out of it and dark things are immediately visible.  I see figures fleeing and one standing shielding his eyes in amazement.

The angels are dancing in a circle clockwise, as they launch these golden rocks.

Now I see flames falling from heaven all over the back garden and fields and farm.  Oh, they are angels!

I ask about the hole I originally saw which is now unplugged and hear a voice saying, ‘Come look’.  I peer in and see a beautiful clear water. I think it’s an ancient well, the water is amazing like nothing I’ve seen before.

I’m invited to dive into the well. I do so with excitement. Immediately I see a golden key.  I know I’m to get it. I swim down and eventually manage to grab it, exultantly.  I surface joyfully.

turbulent water

It’s a key to the kingdom.  To unlock treasures of heaven, including the storehouse of creative miracles.  A stairway opens in front of me and I’m being invited up it. The staircase disappears into what I think is a glory cloud. I walk up and into the cloud.  It somehow is full of colours; I see pinks, yellows, and warm, soft colours. It turns into blossom trees and I’m walking up steps in heaven lined by beautiful blossom trees. There is lovely scent in the air too and I can hear birds singing.

Suddenly I’m running up the steps joyfully and easily. I know Jesus is waiting for me. He hugs me and swings me round.

I ask where I am and he says, ‘Now! Come and look’ and he dashes off to show me the storeroom of body parts and big tools like wire cutters to cut enemy chains. He shows me a sphere. As he opens it up there’s a womb in it. Then I see eyeballs, fingers, something that looks like electric bolts of lightning, I see skin grafts and new skin.

I’m given a dark metal galvanised box with a lid, to take back to Hephzibah. When I get to look inside it’s full of the water I saw in the well, clear and full of life.  I hear, ‘This is the new well to add to the ancient one’

I’m back at Hephzibah and I tip the new water into the old well by a prophetic act.


31st January 2020:  during a worship evening led by Worshipping Friends at Gateway Church, Launceston