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Grade Church

Grade Church, Cornwall

Grade church, The Lizard, Cornwall

The moment we sat down to pray we found ourselves in wonderful highest praise of Jesus. It was so very easy to worship Him in this isolated church. The Spirit led us for many minutes and even the dog was extra joyful, nudging us, eyes bright and happy. Then the praise subsided and  lovely peace descended on us.

There is not much information about this church but the site is clearly a 'lan', circular, raised and the presence of God tangible. We sat in the churchyard enjoying the peace and listening to meadow pipits. It feels like this church is timeless and that modern life has past it by but in a wonderful sense of the Divine. Even the ancient stone stile into the churchyard is reminiscent of a life which has long since disappeared. 

I didn't have any visions but the delight of praising God so freely and easily marks this place out in my mind as a very special one. 

Grade church style