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Golden Well, Cornwall

Golden Well

Golden Manor House, Golden Chapel and Golden Well have such beautiful names and make you wonder what caused them to be called this. It's a tiny hamlet outside of Grampound in Cornwall and I've always loved stopping by because of the lovely atmosphere. An old 'chapel' now a barn lies adjacent to the road with gothic windows and arrow slits which tantalise with a hidden history.

Golden chapel

 The manor house sits amidst beautiful grounds but we had come because there was reputedly a holy well! What a tease this well was to find! Not only could I discover little history, merely speculation, associated to its being called a holy well but it was very hidden in a bank side behind the road. Oddly enough we found it because of some 'clouties' tied to trees marking the spot where you need to clamber over the hedge and down the bank. The wild garlic released its fragrance underfoot as we scrabbled down to look at the well, a mere stone lintel allowing the spring to come forth into a stream. 

Golden well bank

I didn't hold out much hope of meeting with God in this place. However, my husband encouraged us to pray here and immediately the water I could see coming from the spring turned, in a vision, into a river of gold. Now this really was exciting because I've seen this river of gold running under the surface of Cornwall for many years and springing forth to the surface. It's symbolic language of the move of God's Spirit, His glory, His mannifest presence. So, we prayed, asking God to release this stream of His presence once more from this place. 

Golden well

You just never know with God what is going to happen at these holy, set apart places, where people pilgrimaged in years gone by.