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Brecon cathedral: St Lawrence’s chapel

I’m praying in the chapel when I begin to see three angels in chain mail, holding spears and guarding a liquid pit of fire in the middle of the floor.  It’s glowing orange and is molten. They are kneeling with their spears in the ground. The Lord tells me to go and stand in the fire pit. It seems a strange request, but I step into the fire pit which I can see in the spiritual realm.  As I do, I see a cylinder of golden light, reaching up from the pit to heaven and I’m told I will receive fire (Acts 2:3 and Luke 3:16).

I watch as an old-style wooden bucket is lowered on a rope from heaven.  I think it will catch fire because it’s wooden, but it doesn’t. I’m instructed to put two coals in it. I question this because I don’t see any coals, just liquid molten fire. The Lord tells me to kneel, feel the ground and I will find the coals. I do this and sure enough can feel hard coals. I put two into the bucket. The angels then come over and fill it with other coals.  I take the bucket with me back to my pew. I look and can see the coals inside. There’s also molten fire which is hissing and bubbling gently.  It looks alive. I sense by faith that this will be coming home with me to Cornwall and is an equipping power.



Prophetic encounters like this often don’t make much sense to our rational minds but when I read the accounts of Ezekiel and Daniel, as well as other prophets, they experienced some very weird things spiritually but were obedient to what God told them to do. Fire is so often a means of purifying, burning out the impurities but also symbolic of receiving power and revival fires being lit. I think this encounter encapsulates all of this and probably more that I’m not aware of yet.