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Fresh Oil

Fresh Oil for Leaders: Encounter with the Lion of Judah

Fresh Oil Worship time for leaders to come aside and be refreshed: 12th October 2013

Hephzibah House of Strategic Prayer, Cornwall

(The prayer room at Hephzibah consists of one large lounge which used to be two rooms. One end is furnished in reds and is the ‘fire’ end. The other end is furnished in greens and is the ‘healing’ end. These different anointings operate within the room. This encounter occurred during a worship time, where leaders from around the county could come aside and be refreshed).

I see that the room is full of angels. Some are worship angels, some healing angels, some hold new mantles of anointing, some have scrolls in their hands to impart revelation, others are carrying the love of the Father.

Jesus in the form of a man, then as the Lion of Judah walks into the room from the red end and all the angels bow low. It’s a holy moment. He lights a ring of fire and the red end of the room is now bubbling with molten glory within the fire circle. 

The Lion comes up to the green end of the room and I watch him descending steps, bounding down deep into the ancient well of healing which many have seen in the middle of the room.  He roars upwards and a geyser of water is released higher than the house. I see warrior angels sitting on the roof. Angels are also stirring the waters in the healing pool.

Oil is dripping off the ceiling all across the room. People are being impacted by the beautiful presence of God. Whatever is their point of need, God is meeting them at it.