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Brecon Cathedral

Brecon Cathedral

Brecon cathedral (11 May 2023)

I'm sharing this write up of experiences in Brecon cathedral, not to draw attention to myself but to encourage everyone that God wants to interact with them in very real ways, spiritually, prophetically and in the natural realm. Let these spur a hunger in you to press in for the deep times with God which come by seeking Him out fervently and with intent.

Brecon cathedral


I wait

I wait for you

I sink into the deep stillness of your presence

You are here

Waiting for us to draw near

I still myself

I wait

Breathing deeply




I still

In your presence


St Keynes Chapel

Stained glass brecon

I am so joyful to be back in my spiritual home I find myself weeping with gratitude and relief. I can’t get here often and it is precious to be back.

Brecon cathedral

About 10 days ago I heard God say, ‘It’s time to go back’ and that’s why we are here, in obedience to that call once again.

As I wait in God’s presence, kneeling at the altar in St Keyne’s chapel, it’s not long before I see an attendant angel holding a robe. The garment looks ecclesiastical rather than royal; cream with gold embroidery around the edges and a design on it that looks Celtic with intertwining links. I’m reminded that yesterday at Llangasty church God mentioned he would robe us with new garments in the cathedral.  I’ve never seen a robe like this in the spirit before.

St Keynes chapel

I wait.

I go deeper into the peace of God and find myself in a place in the Spirit. I’m looking around asking God ‘Where am I?’

Then I realise I am inside the chambers of God’s heart. I can see membranes pumping gently. They are huge and very alive. I’m walking through a way with low lighting but I can hear laughter and feel joy. Simultaneously I sense delight mingled with deep compassion. I can hear sighs of pain and weeping, then I can see ripples and swirls of movement as emotions pulse through the heart with immense passion the depth of which it’s impossible for a person to comprehend. It is so far beyond what we have the capacity to feel. I just experience a tiny measure of what I sense God feels. He is feeling these emotions deeply and intensely, all at the same time. Whilst I’m experiencing this, I also hear howls of anguish within God’s heart, over lost souls, over wrong decisions. over self-inflicted painful choices. Every one of my senses is heightened and engaged. Yet throughout this experience there is a strong heartbeat overriding all other impressions and it contains a deep abiding joyful love.

I hear the sound of rushing waters the mingling of God’s heart with the voices of billions of people. Each person is known by name and held in his heart.

The journey through His heart continues and I move into a place full of flowing deep blood but I’m not revulsed. I watch as people giving their lives to Jesus, are being submerged into the blood, rising transformed, clothed in white, sin removed. It is the place of salvation which resides within God’s heart. Roars of exultation erupt, mixed with gushing sobs as Father’s love welcomes them home to His heart.

I’m now at a place of water where I sit down. Light is low but beautiful. Around me is the deep pool of God’s peace. It never ends. It is right at the centre of his heart. There is no stress, no time, no motion, just utter complete stillness held in an eternity of peace. I stay in that place of peace. I never want to leave. It is here I can literally step outside of time into rest, peace, stillness, wholeness – everything that God is, who he is, fathomless.

Whilst in St Keyne’s chapel, Philip senses God’s river is flowing more strongly, his light is more intense and his presence stronger to empower us for the glorious days that lie ahead.

By rod screen Brecon

We walk down through the cathedral, stopping to pray where the huge healing angel stands at the site of the former rood screen. We head for the high altar and stand there praying.

At the High Altar

High altar Brecon

I have a vision and see myself in a canyon gorge. I’ve been here in visions for a number of years now, always confined to the valley floor, knowing that I’m waiting for an appointed time but aware that there is a dam ahead holding back vast amounts of God’s water which will bring life. This time I see myself climb up onto the side of the dam and release sluice gates for the water to flow. It begins to gush out into the gorge burbling, laughing and dancing. It is alive.

Suddenly, as I’m in the vision, back in the cathedral the organ starts playing majestically.

I can see that I am now robed in the cream garment from earlier and that I am also wearing a bishop’s gold mitre. Beside me Philip is robed in a royal blue velvet robe which has some small red embroidery near the hem. On his head is a golden crown.

These are very holy moments. God is tying his stole around our hands, like the vicar did at our wedding. Our angels are behind ministering to us. Jesus is in front of and he anoints our foreheads kissing us on both cheeks.

‘This is it.  This is what you have been waiting for. I release you both into the fulness of who you are in me.’ As God is speaking this over us, the organ thunders, rumbling and reverberating through every cell of our bodies. I smell incense. It’s a crescendo of music and celebration full of joy. It feels a highly significant moment in both of our lives.

All the angels in the rafters, who I’ve seen over the years, are cheering and I’m crying from the holiness and joyfulness of this commissioning, though not pretending to understand fully what is happening. That will follow in the days to come.

During this time, Philip, my husband senses the presence of God come down acknowledging this rededication and consecration of our lives before him.

How this plays out, time will tell. These things are done in the secret place and much of the outworking continues to be in the secret place with God alone as witness.

Friday May 12th 2023 second visit to Brecon Cathedral

Brecon cathedral

We have the cathedral to ourselves when we arrive early. It is incredible to pray and just ‘be’ in the cathedral with God and have no noise, no other people, just us communing with God. There are no additional revelations but a deep peace and holy presence. 

Below Brecon cathedral

Afterward we walk in the woods below the cathedral which run alongside the river and were originally part of the priory grounds. The ancient holy well which provided water for both spiritual and natural needs is still in the woods, plus another well called the 'eye well' which reputedly had healing properties. It's a beautiful leafy walk, peaceful and with a sense of being permeated with prayers.

Holy well Brecon