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Celtic Saints: D E

Celtic saints names beginning with D and E


Irish female


One of the Irish martyrs.

Her chapel at Menaderve is on the site of the murder.


ENDELIENTA (Endellion) 

Welsh female

St Endellion nr Wadebridge

Brychan’s daughter. She was an evangelist and had two wells. 5th century





Companion to Breaca. Landed at Hayle and gives the name to Porthleven.



Irish male

St Erth

He lived 414-524AD

He was converted and baptised by Patrick and was courtier to the King of Laoghaire (Ireland). He was converted as Patrick arrived at court.


Euny buryan

EVAL (Uval)

St Eval

St Eval church is between landing sites on the north Cornish coast of the Irish and Welsh Celtic missionary expeditions. It’s not known who he is, possibly Efelwy 620 who was a Bishop confessor or Ethelbert II 749.



St Ewe

Cross St Ewe

Possibly a female but very little is known of this saint. However, she's left her name in the village of St Ewe which in Cornish is Lannewa, indicating a holy enclosure. It's believed by hagiographers that the English name was St Avoye. If so, she was a Christian martyr from the 3rd century, who was originally from Sicily, Italy. 


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