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William Haslam

William Haslam and Golant

William Haslam and Golant

Sometimes we can wonder whether the amazing things which are talked about in the Bible and even with the early Celtic saints was something only experienced then.

However, at Golant, the extraordinary things Samson experienced happened again in the 1850s.

A man called William Haslam led a mission to Golant preaching the gospel to any who would listen. As is often the way he was fiercely opposed by the clergy who were threatened by his message. The Anglican vicars persecuted him.

Despite this many people became Christians and revival broke out. The Rector of St Samson’s church Golant was convinced of the message and it’s recorded that the Holy Spirit led people from far and wide to visit the church, pulled by the supernatural power to come and hear the message. People were even taking boats and coming across the River Fowey to hear what William Haslam was preaching and so meet with Jesus personally.

Many of these people ended up in the thriving  Methodist churches where they were welcomed and embraced.


St Sampsons porch