Celtic GloryPoetry

I kneel

I Kneel

I Kneel

I kneel

To lift my heart

In devotion to you

I steady myself

Gazing into your eyes

Where all is reflected

Back to me


I see the galaxies

Spread out across infinity

In glorious colours

Shapes morphing and shaping

Clouds of majesty


I see the tears of compassion

And mercy

Welling up in your eyes

Pulled forth by the

Heartache of your people

angels and cross wood

And I see your gaze

Rest on me

That instant moment

Of spirit unity

Of divine empathy

Of supernatural joining

Love to love

Heart to heart

Your life to my life

Your strength into my weakness

Your power infusing my body

Your majesty

Causing my heart

To bow low

And marvel

At your goodness


As your hand stretches out

To revive me

Inside and out

I marvel at your goodness

Your kindness

To me


You respond to my heartcry

Revive me

Change me

For I am yours