Celtic GloryPoetry

As I Kneel I Wait

As I Kneel, I Wait

19 September 2019


As I kneel

I wait

Heart postured

In submission before you


I have said

Do what it takes Lord

To make me

Who you need me to be


I wasn’t prepared then

For the deep cut

Of the pruning knife


But now I wait

Sobered by the trials

Still submitting

But wiser in my zeal

Counting the cost


For holiness


And I want to be one

Willing to pay

That cost


Strengthen my courage


To obey

I want to say

Whatever the cost

Yet am I that brave?



Not yet


But I know

Grace comes

Only at the point of need

So I trust


I trust you

In your goodness


Make me Holy

Even as you are Holy

Revive me

To burn for you

Consume me

With your love

That nothing else



Only you

Sweet friend

Dear Lord

My master

My God 


My Nation


What are your thoughts

For my nation Lord?

How should I pray?


What is your heart

For my nation Lord?

What do you say?


Wait my child


And you will feel

And you will carry

Within you

The pain I hold

For your nation


Will you comfort me


As I bear the grief

Of betrayal

As I hear the

Cries of anguish

Rising up

Across your land?


Will you wait with me

As I intercede

Before Father

For your people?


Pace with me

As I pace

Weeping in travail

Of anguished


Poured out for

Those who despise me yet


For I paid their cost

It is done

It is finished

But they turn away


Pray with me

My friend

Pray and carry

My heart

Before the Father

That the prayers

Will fill the

Incense bowls

That they may be

Tipped in mercy

To flood

Across your land

And soothe the troubled people

With uncompromising


Unblemished mercy

Let the cry resound




TURN from your wicked ways

RETURN oh favoured nation

Return once more to me

For I would forgive

My heart is to forgive


To restore

To revive

To heal