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Snake bite healed

Samson Heals a Snake Bite by the Power of God

Samson Heals a Snake Bite

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One day Samson is  travelling with a fellow monk through dense woodland. Most of the land was wooded at that time with few tracks and people mainly travelled on foot.

They were trudging through undergrowth, where blackberry brambles grew thick, when a snake suddenly darts out.

‘Ahhhhh!’ his companion suddenly shrieks.

‘I’ve been bitten.’

Samson runs to his friend and sees the clear red mark of the forked tongue. Swiftly he moves into action.

‘Stay still’ he commands. ‘Stop moving. It’ll slow down the spread of the venom.’

His friend starts gasping, ‘It really hurts Samson.’

‘Sit, sit here and stay still.’ Samson orders but already he can see the venom is moving up the leg and spreading quickly. His friend slumps forward suddenly unconscious.  Samson immediately falls to his knees.

‘Oh God of my life. The One who gives life and who takes life. I know that you don’t want my friend to die in this manner. You have said that we have authority over snakes and scorpions and all manner of poison will not harm us. This is your promise. I believe, so I remind you of it. You’ve declared that we shall not die from such things but here’s my friend and poison is moving through his body. Will you come in your power and stop the poison in its tracks? Come O God. Life of Jesus, come back to my friend. You have promised that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.’ ² 

Samson grabs water and oil which he is carrying with him.

‘With this oil I anoint you my friend with the healing power of Jesus. Be healed in His name.  I wash you with this water, water which brings life, in Jesus’ name.’

The monk splutters, coming fully back to consciousness.  He sits up a bit dazed, looking down at his leg he rubs it where the bite was.


Both men can see that the red veins of venom are no longer visible, nor even where the snake bite was.  Instead the leg is fully normal and strong with the skin smooth. Immediately both men fall to their knees praising and thanking God for his merciful intervention before travelling on their way unharmed

¹  Samuel 2:11

² James 5:16



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