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St Nun's Well

St Nun's Holy Well, Pelynt

Location: OS: SX2243981533

This was my second visit to St Nun's holy well at Pelynt. The first time I went I was so impacted by my time with God and the beauty of the location I wasn't sure whether I would feel the same a second time. I was not disappointed! This really is a very special well. It's hidden down some steep steps beneath a mature oak tree. From the well house you look down a steep field and across the valley to the fields and wood opposite. It's the kind of place I would have set up a prayer oratory if I'd been a Celtic Christian. It's simply a stunning location. The well itself is quaint and has a beautiful stone basin covered in greenery and full of fresh water continually. The spring is still flowing strongly. 

St nuns
St nuns

St Nun, or Nonna, was the mother of St David, the patron saint of Wales. She is also associated with Altarnun (altar of Nun) in Cornwall and both holy wells have a similar atmosphere; one of holiness, sacredness, devotion. It makes me think she was a very special, prayerful person to have left a lingering imprint in the Spirit realm. 

I become aware of an angel at the entrance to the well house as we settle to pray. It is a different one to the huge cream angel I encountered here previously. This one is just under 6' tall. He is bronze coloured and wearing Roman military attire, with a short sword and leather round shield. I don't immediately notice his upstretched wings. Part of his duties appear to be to keep some unruly dark sprites away from people who are visiting the well. These beings are tiny in comparison to the size and might God's angel. 

St nuns

I see that the angel is there to welcome everyone who comes to visit the well. He puts his hand out to me and takes my right hand, saying 'be strengthened.' As I take his hand I see tiny flames flicking along my arm in the Spirit realm. As I let go of his hand he pours a substance into it. It's semi- solid and there are five of them to eat. I don't know what they are but they are to imbue me with strength, so prophetically that's what I do, I eat them. The angel then put his hand on my head and ministers more strength to me. 'Daughter of the most high God, be strengthened in His name. Go in His strength, no longer your own strength. Go in His strength.' I feel this deep rest all around and within me. I hear no noise, just the bird song and trickle of the water from the spring and then the encounter is over. I am refreshed.

St nuns

I sense God will give a sign to me of what He has done in the Spirit. Climbing the steps from the well I look to the steep fields across the valley and immediately see a Roe buck come out of a thicket. God often comforts and encourages me by sending wild mammals and birds as signs. This was a great encouragement to see this deer.

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